First Steps in Healing

Noticing  a difference  is the beginning  of  awareness.  If  our  path ,in life ,is  smooth  we take  pleasure  and  think  it  will  always be  that  way.  When there is  an  unwanted change ,we are  prodded to   take  notice.   Our attention  is  tweaked.  We  have to  relate to  the  change.  We may  have to  for an outer resource  like a friend, a book  or  a teacher.

We  may  resist  the  change,because  it seems silly, too  difficult,uncomfortable or confusing. When  our resistance is strong our emotions  become engaged.  We  have taken  our first steps to  healing.  Our  energy  and  awareness are aroused  and our  process  has  begun.

I  call this  process  a  journey  on  several  dimensions.  There is a time,space,mental,physical and  emotional  dimension that   is  accessed.  If  we  become  impatient  that  can  either  move  us forward  quickly  or   lengthen the  process by  slowing us  down  with  increased  resistance. This  is an  important mountain  or  molehill.

Taking   small steps  can  usually  keep the  process moving.  We  can  then  access  more of our resources to  help  us see clearly  where we are out of balance,how we got there and  how we can restore our balance.

“Often the  most  difficult things are the  lessons we  have chosen for ourselves.If  things are easy for us, then there are  no lessons.”    Louise  Hay  says .

We can  watch the clues  like  leaving the room,getting sick,being late ,refusing to pay attention,creating or  ending a relationship,or creating a breakdown of appliances.

Thinking others are to  blame  or  holding  the following  beliefs? I’m too old, too young,too fat, too stuck ,too confused,not smart enough.

There are delaying tactics, I’ll do it  later,   I don’t have time,  It’s too late,too soon. etc.

One can  continue to  DENY    there is anything wrong, one has the  power to  change, that one needs to  take action to affect  a positive change in circumstances

And there  is  often the FEAR :  I am  not ready yet, I  might fail,  they might reject me,  I  don’t have the  energy, I might lose my friends

These  are the  mountains,  swamps,great  oceans  that  occur  in  anyone’s  journey.  Do you recognize   these  tight  passages from  you  life?

Together we  can  navigate  these  tough   places.


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